WB-Production новости - обучение в США

В середине сентября с 21 по 23, мы подготовили для вас 3-дневную обучающую программу по бодиарту, аэрографии и декору со всемирно известными художниками в Северной Каролине, Гринсборо. Так же, рады представить вам нового преподавателя WB Академии – успешную, порславленную ТВ художницу Cheryl-Ann Lipstreu.
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Мы очень счастливы объявить о том, что Cheryl-Ann и ее талант теперь будет представляться нашей компанией, особенно для проектов в Северной Америке, но и конечно она также доступна для брони по всему миру.



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About Cheryl Ann

All her art is Authentic, Original and Signed

Meet the artist

Cheryl Ann grew up on an Arabian horse farm in Belews Creek, North Carolina. At a very young age she began drawing, and when introduced to oil paint at age 10, fell in love with painting and the art of making art. She has since continued painting as both a lifelong passion and a professional career. Cheryl Ann looks for beauty in everything she does. Traditional in approach yet extremely personal in application, Cheryl Ann’s figure studies, portraits, landscapes and body paintings are effused with emotion and grace, while the love of her work is evident in every piece and in every brushstroke. She strives to capture the true essence of her subject matter with the reflective soul of the colors of her palette.
She is developing her own signature style while producing new works.


She has received art degrees from Guilford Technical Community College, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas in Asheville NC. In addition she has completed private apprenticeships with master painters, Senor Javier Pamplona in Madrid, Spain, Master Fresco painters Ben Long IV and Roger Nelson at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas. She has continued her studies with workshops as well as private lessons from Artists Mr. John Cosby, Mr. Tony Griffin and Triple Crown World Champion Body painters Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco of Livingbrush Studios.
Currently Cheryl Ann’s focus is on Impressionism, portraiture, plein air painting, still life, landscapes, commissions, and body paintings.


Cheryl-Ann's Website

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