As the 3rd creation of his "animal illusion series" Johannes Stoetter just finished his new masterpiece - a perfect illusion of a fascinating animal, here it is "The Chameleon"!

Some time ago "The Frog" and "The Parrot" got worldwide attention in media.
The design of his first image, the frog, was a spontaneous idea and it took Johannes only 10 minutes to sketch the design.
He began to experiment with animals and human shapes by fuse them into an illusion.
After many attempts the final concept of the parrot was realized.

Now it is finalized, his 3rd new masterpiece - THE CHAMELEON is ready to be published!

Johannes Stötter tells the story of his "Chameleon":

"After I designed the chameleon, which took me about half an hour I tried the positions with 2 models and it seemed to work, even it was quite difficult for them to hold the position, especially for the lower model to bend the legs.
As there are many kinds of chameleons with very different shapes and colours it seemed to be a very flexible animal for an illusion bodypainting. So i worked about 4 days to design the motive bigger and paint it with colours. The bodypainting took me about 6 hours with the help of an assistant. I covered the hair with natural clay to make the heads seem bald heads.
The models were 2 sisters, friends of mine. They were very happy to model for tis motive. I am also very happy, it is kind of magic, especially the colours. Most people who already saw it say that the chameleon is even better than the frog and the parrot."

Interested in Publishing the image or the story ?

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