Our WB Production artist Johannes Stoetter was invited to perform on the Chinese Talent Show "Beyond Show" produced by JSBC. Johannes became famous around the world with his animal illusions. With a crew of 16 people including assistants and performers, this #wbproduction team flew to Nanjing to record this spectacular live performance. The performance of Johannes not only showed his brilliant bodypainting illusions but also brought awareness to the viewers about extinct and endangered species on our planet.



This is the last frontier of our planet, the jungle.


See, this is an adult Bali tiger. It lives in the rainforests of the northern Indonesian island of Bali and is the smallest of the modern tigers. Its habitat is rich in species, and the Bali tiger's dinner is plentiful in the sky and underground. Here he is the king of fairy tale world, on high, well fed. Until they meet the only natural enemy in their life: human beings. On September 27, 1937, the Bali tiger became extinct due to excessive slaughter


Listen, that's the cry of the Texas red Wolf. They live along the coast of Mexico and are distinguished by the distinctive dark red tips of their ears. They can run up to 60 kilometers per hour and are stealthy hunters. When you are still and still, a sharp blow can make a long distance between you and the enemy. But heroes die and the universe changes. The species became extinct in 1970 when the world's last Texas red Wolf was shot (the sound of the gun shot) to death off the coast of Mexico due to human activity.


This is George, the last golden - crowned Hawaiian snail on earth. Once one of the most abundant species in Hawaii, the golden crown tree snail was known as the language of the forest. George was born in the Hawaiian rainforest in 1995 and watched as his fellow humans were transformed into multicolored necklaces, leaving flesh and blood to feed alien species. He moved to a lab at the university of Hawaii in 1997 and spent 12 lonely years in an incubator. George died on January 1, 2019, aged 14. Hawaii golden tree snail extinct.


 As good disguises, chameleons rely on environmental awareness as a survival skill. Once, they were as numerous as cattle in the wild and even kept as pets. Today, nine chameleons are classified as critically endangered by the international union for conservation of nature (iucn), 37 as endangered, 20 as vulnerable and 35 as near threatened. The earth's species one after another disappear, biological natural formation of the food chain fault, how many species will go extinct, human beings do not know.

Broadcasted 21 April 2019 on JSBC www.jstv.com 
Artist Johannes Stoetter www.johannesstoetterart.com 
Production & Booking Agency www.wb-production.com